some version of something that happened

Chopped Liver Press (Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin), SOME VERSION OF SOMETHING THAT HAPPENED (2021)

The museu do louvre pau-brazyl concludes its activities with the work SOME VERSION OF SOMETHING THAT HAPPENED [ALGUMA VERSÃO DE ALGO QUE ACONTECEU] by the Chopped Liver Press, created by the artists Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin. After 23 years of collaboration, the duo also finalizes their work together.

Broomberg & Chanarin (1998–2021) worked with and from photography. Their work combines languages from photojournalism, documentary, and ethnographic traditions with artistic and conceptual practices, whether producing images or exploring and rearticulating photographic archives, such as Belfast Exposed or the Archive of Modern Conflict.

The duo created the Chopped Liver Press in 2012 to publish limited edition books and posters. Each series of 100 posters features a hand-printed quote in red atop individual pages of the New York Times International Edition.

“Some version of something that happened” [Alguma versão de algo que aconteceu], an extract taken from an interview with the American novelist Dave Eggers, is the project’s final sentence. This quote is painted on the blind side of the Louvre building and is screen-printed in the very last edition of posters. The phrase, which functions as an epitaph for all three—the museu do louvre pau-brazyl, the Chopped Liver Press, and Broomberg & Chanarin—evokes the nature of an archive: the shifts that the present elicits in the past through new conditions and perspectives.

In addition to the site-specific installation, an edition of 100 posters—with the quote for the first time written in Portuguese—was produced in collaboration with the museu do louvre pau-brazyl to celebrate the end of the project’s cycle.


chopped liver press

founded by

adam broomberg & oliver chanarin

directed by

lucas gabellini-fava

curated by

jéssica varrichio


sofia pappi

matheus dos reis


leonardo feijó


emma young



henrique edmx

painting assistants

breno nobre

lucas rasrise

pixote mushi


dubai andaimes


severino rogério da silva


cinematography and video editing

alexandre wahrhaftig

still images

thais viyuela


matheus dos reis


edifício louvre

marcos de deus da silva


felipe scalea

francimar martins da silva junior

guilherme giufrida


tatiana ribeiro

welvys costa