sandra gamarra

Sandra Gamarra, Opening (2016)
Sandra Gamarra, Exit (2016)

The foundation of this pirated and fictional museum goes through a series of typical institutional markers—the information sheet, visual signage, the opening night. Within this context, Sandra Gamarra subverts these legitimizing symbols through two works: Opening and Exit. The artist, in Opening, highlights and defines, through the polished marble and painted ceiling, the building’s present and past, and the very possibility of transforming a space that already has its history; overlaps and limits on the white cube and the renovated gallery. The exhibition space, in turn, though established, maintains the limits of the precariousness of space. A space that seeks to be – but isn’t – a museum, within a building that, for its part, is at once luxurious and decadent, vintage and kitsch. Instead of insisting upon a museum in a residential space at all costs, the artist provokes us to think of it as a space that is always at the margins, always a border. The Exit piece consists of a ticket withdrawal booth – a table, four booklets and a notice painting on the wall “to leave, please take your ticket”. This work highlights the precariousness of these borders. Upon gaining an exit ticket, the louvre pau brazyl museum-goer will be invited to bring their outlook on of the world to the museum, and, especially, to revert back their gaze to the world via the exercise of the exhibition.