rochelle costi

Rochelle Costi, Movable building (2016)

Behind the Louvre building’s ornate galleries is a three-story garage, where residents and employees store objects that will long remain there, without anyone remembering that they exist. It is an intermediary point between the garbage dump and the home: these objects no longer fit inside someone’s apartment, but someone (oftentimes employees) feels they can’t be thrown away. They haven’t been completely discarded, but they no longer belong to a home. Rochelle uses abandoned furniture found in the garage as the raw material to her Movable building piece. Following her previous research with proportions and scales, the artist found traces of the Louvre building in the furniture. She filled it out with Artacho’s famous tiling pink and blue to recreate the building in miniature. The top cabinet transforms into a miniature movie theater that showcases private situations from condominium life; the videos edited from the building’s emblematic characters, some better known to the residents, others less so, fantasize about the humorous intimacy of the community formed inside the Louvre: in one of the scenes we see Clarice Berto, the illustrious resident of the Louvre, leaving with her Gurgel car with eyelashes.