[-MOS], Exhibition of the person (2014)

The work of the [-mos] collective explores the relationship between labor and art, accentuated by the site in which the performance takes place. The space, located in front of the Notary Public office on the ground floor of the Louvre building, clearly indicates the comparison between the rigid organization that orients the actions of the performers and the precise and determined bureaucracy of the work executed within the public office. The space of the artists is separated from the rest by a piece of tape on the floor, similar to the lines that demarcate the distance the public must maintain from works of art in museums. Within this space, the artists remain in action for an hour, substituted in a process that runs for eight hours in total. A staff clock, the same as for an employee of the office, governs the substitutions between artists. The intervals are constant and the work must be uninterrupted. Looking around, we appertain to bureaucratic work. It is the clock that organizes work throughout the building. Employees in other stores, the doorman, the cleaning service, security guards all find themselves governed by these clocks; they determine when our work ends and our leisure begins, the time we enjoy, and the time we sell.

Performers: Karime Nivoloni, Mariana Molinos, Maryah Monteiro and Valeska Figueiredo