laura vinci

Laura Vinci, White cube (2016)

Laura Vinci occupies a commercial shop located on the Louvre building’s mezzanine. Through automated systems that have been previously set up by the artist, the glass room fills and empties itself of a dense white smoke, filling to the limit until the smoke begins to escape the room. At this point, the smoke begins to vanish, empting the room until returning to its initial condition, creating a slow and continuous movement, which can be witnessed by passersby walking along the building’s corridors, through windows on both sides of the store. A continuation of previous research, the piece calls attention to the space occupied by a white material that imposes itself upon the room’s internal architecture and opposes itself to its surroundings. The material’s density is minimal, just enough to guarantee its movement and maintain its visibility. The smoke, initially contained within a system of glass tubes, escapes this first volume to find another, offered by the room. Through only this substance, Vinci creates a type of sculpture that is not modeled by her own hands but indeed by the very architecture contained within the space utilized. The dimension of the materiality of the installation ends wherever the room’s volume permits, to be undone and redone.