Pontogor, GOD DEVIL MAN (2015)

April 22, 2019

Pontogor works with video, installation, performance, and music. The artist closed out the 3rd act: the verso on April 22, 2019 with a performance in which the characters are three loudspeakers, each with their respective soundtrack: God, Devil, and Man. Originally conceived for the exhibition Permanências e Destruições [Permanencies and Destructions] (2016) in Rio de Janeiro, the work was comprised of an equilateral triangle formed by the three speakers, which became amorphous during its reassembly here between two fire exits in the Louvre building’s garage. A small window in this passage provided the dimension of where we were, from where it was possible to see the back sides of the buildings for the last time through the perspective of the exhibition. This sound, which could be heard throughout the block, was composed by rationality, mathematics, and the theory of Man, with excerpts from Bach performed on an organ; the Devil on guitar through tritones—musical notes banned by the Church in the Middle Ages—and God, for which the artist Tom was invited to vocalize whatever he wanted without the artist’s interference, opening the work to chance. The meeting of these three figures produced a tragic sound, a lament for the closed lot, but also a cry of revolt that wants to become a revolution, birth, and death at the same time; an exhausted sound, but one that continues to echo.