francis wilker and lígia sousa

Francis Wilker and Lígia Sousa, Antigone’s heiresses (2019)

April 14, 2019

Antigone’s heiresses update the Greek tragedy Antigone. The performance took place on the fire escape of block F of the Copan building, where 20 women occupied one step each of the 32 along the spiral staircase. At 6 pm the Consolação church bells sounded, taking on, on that day, the function of a theater signal, and the choir was heard calling out, “Antigone.” This sound established the arena theater. The script passed through a flight of birds, a silent dance of lights, the formation of two phrases using strings of light: WE ARE MANY and THE FIGHT DOES NOT SLEEP; and two other female figures were invoked by the choir: Dandara and Marielle. These female voices rose up, questioning established systems of power, the laws of the polis versus the laws of the gods; slavery and emerging fascism. At the very beginning of this work—addressing Brazil’s high rate of femicide and the hierarchy of patriarchy—a male voice rose up in response: “Shut up!” One never hears a “shut up” at the coliseum during the Brazilian soccer championship final. Other people joined this spectator, participating in the action, either by amplifying the choir by joining in with the performers, or by shouting the names of the antagonists: “Bolsonaro,” “Sergio Moro,” “Creon.” The disputes of history remain alive.

Performers: Adriana Guerra, Andréia Martinez, Camila Freire, Cynthia Margareth, Débora Lima, Fernanda Lellis, Flaviana Benjamin, Goretti Albuquerque, Jéssica Varrichio, Julia Pedreira, Júlia Teixeira, Juliana Birchal, Lanna Carvalho, Lígia Sousa De Oliveira, Mariela Lamberti, Mônica Pellegrini, Natiflora, Sofia Boito, Thaís Beiral and Thaline Furtado.

Stage assistants: Douglas Teixeira, Gabriel Dantas and Júnior Cecon.

Acknowlegments: Guilherme Bonfanti, Glauber Coradesqui and Orlando Luiz De Araújo.