Barbara Mastrobuono, Bruno Mendonça, Jéssica Varrichio and Renato Jacques (editors), FOLHA D PAU-BRAZYL (2019)

April 6, 2019

This newspaper was created to connect the community living in and around USP’s lot – a vertical neighborhood that comprises the coliseum. One week before the exhibition’s opening, each apartment at the backs of the Louvre, Copan, and São Luiz Plaza buildings received a copy, and the newspaper stalls on the buildings’ triangular-shaped block distributed the publication during the 9 days of 3rd act: the verso. The work served as a canvas for collaborators to play with typical newspaper genres alongside the issues addressed in their own works and research, and the very installation of the exhibition itself. The logo designed by Lawrence Weiner speaks to and expands upon the meanings of the newspaper: the title appears diagonally, falling over the space of the paper, evoking the very organic materiality of the pau-brasil, or Brazilwood: the green hyphen of the leaves and the letters in red. The highlight of the color within the tree; of the red that, in shaking off a state of latency, running onto the first page, underscores the work’s subversive aspect; which, in turn, by entering into the spaces of residents and employees, introduces messages and poetic propositions that can alter their relationships to everyday life.

Collaborators: Alessandra Domingues, Andrés Sandoval, Barbara Mastrobuono, Bruno Verner, Eliete Mejorado, Francis Wilker, Guilherme Giufrida, Gustavo Colombini, João Turchi, Laura Belém, Lawrence Weiner, Liana Padilha, Ludovica Carbotta, Manfredo De Souza Neto, Marco Antonio Mota, Olivia Ardui, P.Ardid, Pia Eikaas, Pontogor and Sandra Gamarra.






jéssica varrichio

barbara mastrobuono

bruno mendonça

jéssica varrichio

renato jacques

sofia pappi

graphic design
elisa von randow

julia masagão

design assistant
beatriz dórea