eleonora fabião

Eleonora Fabião, Five-pointed square (2019)

April 13, 2019

Five performers appear at Praça da Sé at 4:30 pm, carrying a square wooden sign and a wireless speaker linked to a playlist on a thumb drive. Recalling Greek Caryatid sculptures, here are living bodies that serve as columns for this small monument, theater, sculpture in movement. The fifth member, or point, surrounds the others, creating an internal movement within the work, serving as a relay among the participants. But the fifth point could also be the speaker or other elements of the city that pass beneath the wooden sign, in particular two passersby who participated during part of the journey: a man holding balloons and a pregnant woman in a blue dress. The performers wear shoes of different heights, equalizing their stature to ensure that the wooden plank remains stable. The soundtrack tailor-made for São Paulo unexpectedly connects memories of songs and street scenes, generating a unifying soundtrack for the city. In many instances, the loudspeaker was purposefully silenced, giving the impression that surrounding city sounds were actually being emitted by it. This performance thus established the 3rd act, and its theatricality expanded into urban spaces.

Collaborators: Bruna Reis, Lindsay Castro Lima, Roberto Rezende

Assistant: Mariah Valeiras

Acknowledgments: Tato Taborda