Cinza, Crosswindows (2019)

the 9 days on stage

The artists invited 11 residents of the building’s rear-facing apartments to participate in the work Crosswindows. Each resident received an electronic sign that was installed in their window, facing towards the back sides of the Copan and São Luis Plaza buildings. The already existing communication between the three buildings—the audience stands of the coliseum—gained a layer of intimacy in addition to the silhouettes of the residents, their shouting during soccer matches and political disputes. The members were invited to divide their performances into three acts, creating a sentence for each. Among them: “My mother is a man”, “The Copan is the Louvre’s curtain”, “You are watching my rebirth”. These texts, illuminated in red, were in continuous movement for 24 hours during the exhibition’s 9 days. The displacement of this object—one that usually carries informative, apparently neutral words such as “delivery”, “hamburger”, “24 hours”—to the façade of a residential building served to active the imagination of the neighbors, instigating both curiosity and annoyance, due to the weight of the written word or simply the red light emitted by the signs, which may have evoked the apartments that, prior to the gentrification process, had been houses of prostitution.

Installation project: Laís Labate