alessandra domingues

Alessandra Domingues, Lullaby (2019)

the 9 days on stage

The artist and theatre lighting designer Alessandra Domingues created the coliseum’s lighting by means of a red laser beam that made its way across the vacant lot each of the 9 nights of the exhibition. First arose a sense of vigilance from bodies of power against the idle lot, but there is also the possibility of light passing through forbidden territories and the very threat of this device—a high-powered laser can pose a serious danger to those who look directly at it—for, when used as a work of art, it highlights not only the possibilities of contemplation but also the dangers of aesthetic experience. The title, Lullaby, seems to derive from this contradiction: the rear-facing apartments and quiet, seemingly childish sounds nonetheless carry with them various ethical and political meanings. Paulinho Fluxus, through Lab LUXZ_, programmed the laser’s path. He had participated in the movements to occupy USP’s rectory beginning in the second half of the 2000s, when the University was acquiring the property.

Execution: Paulinho Fluxus and Lab LUXZ_

Assistant: Laiza Meneghassi