3rd act: the verso

3rd act: the verso was a group exhibition held in April 2019, whose curatorial gesture was to invert the façade of the Louvre building. Architecture almost always considers symmetry between right and left, but not usually between front and back. The latter tends to take on the role of a backstage: what should remain hidden. This edition inverts such directionality by exchanging the building’s façade for its rear.

The Louvre’s rear areas, alongside those of the Copan and the São Luiz Plaza buildings, form a coliseum around a vacant lot, in the middle of the triangle formed between São Luís and Ipiranga Avenues and Consolação Street. In 2019, this lot belonged to the University of São Paulo.

In addition to inverting the relationship between the building’s front and its back, creating a new perspective on the Louvre, 3rd act: the verso uses this stage to provide the gestures, sounds, lights, and movements of this arena theater with a scenic character, in which the thousands of residents at their windows are both audience and actors.

View of the lot in the middle of the back sides of Louvre, Copan and São Luiz Plaza buildings. (2019) Photographer: Fábio Audi

Our original intention was for the interventions and works of art to be temporarily located in the lot, opening up this public good to society. For over a year we maintained contact with the university, which, after this epic effort to obtain authorization, ultimately prohibited the use of the space. And so, this empty stage—blocked off, closed-in—came to be a fundamental element of this edition of the project. Rather than a limitation, the restriction enabled this act to spill over with works of art that occupied the cracks, the surfaces (solid façades, walls, sidewalks, windows), and the air—all possible spaces found within the three-dimensionality formed by the triangular block.

Letter with UPS’s answer. The document was partially translated: “Having been informed, through the Office of the Rectorate, of your request, we clarify that, despite the support and encouragement on the part of the University of São Paulo for the development of projects of high artistic value and academic research, among which is included the project entitled ‘3º ato: o verso’ by the artistic-curatorial project Museu Louvre Pau-Brazyl, it is nonetheless impossible for us to permit the use of the land located at number 268, Consolação Street, in São Paulo. This is principally because the sale of this property remains in progress. It is therefore necessary to carry out procedures, such as measurements, assessments, and scheduled visits, which are not compatible with the abovementioned project.”

The exhibition took place as a happening of 9 days, from April 13–22, 2019, with 13 artists and programming that combined permanent works on display and scheduled actions.

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guilherme giufrida

jéssica varrichio


alles blau




emma young

printed by

riso tropical

janelas pela democracia

December of 2020

são paulo

isbn: 978-65-00-11260-3



curated by

guilherme giufrida

jéssica varrichio


sofia pappi

visual identity

alles blau

(elisa von randow e julia masagão)

design assistant

mariana caldas


emma young


p. ardid


laís labate


ramiro cardenas tolava

setting assistant

edwin espinoza


istituto italiano di cultura san paolo


bianca tavolari

guilherme giufrida

jéssica varrichio

orlando luiz de araújo

renato jacques

sofia boito


alfredo setúbal
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edifício louvre
marcos de deus da silva
almir almas
ana luiza fonseca
andrea giufrida
andrés piza
bruno mendonça
eugenio fernandes queiroga
fabio audi
fernanda arêas peixoto
guilherme maia mendes
guilherme wisnik
helio villanueva
jjoão paes
joão gaspary
laysa elias
leonardo araújo beserra
liana padilha
lis kuroki
luan cardoso
lucas gabellini-fava
luiz zerbini
manoel antônio pereira
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